Even if Obama Is Your Enemy, It Shouldn't Make Putin Your Friend

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | August 8, 2014 | 2:38 PM EDT

The government is collecting all of your data through campaigning for elections.

When Edward Snowden suddenly became a hero to the libertine/libertarians here in America, after deciding that Russia would be a friendly port for him to hang out in, it just didn't seem right that people I know who are opposed to all limits on freedom would be basically rooting for Putin and his new translucent American friend.

The libertine/libertarians were adamant in crying: "America should not be spying on its own people!  The NSA and NDAA are taking away our civil liberties!"  And, I don't mean to minimize the threat to personal liberty, but to be honest, all the information libertines wail against the government having access to has, and already is, being accessed by consultant firms and election headquarters, mainly in and around Washington, DC.

You've heard the buzz words "demographics" and "data collection," I'm sure.  Your access to a computer, a free email account, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, your grocery store "points" card, your credit card use, what magazines and newspapers you subscribe to, what websites you frequent - all are fair game and are being used to target you come election time.

Snowden's big announcement was that the government is tracking who you talk to on the phone, all in the name of Homeland Security. And, though it is not right that the government do so, Snowden's revelations constitute treason because, now, the Chinese are hacking weapons systems here in the US at an alarming rate and depth, and Russians are hacking social accounts and have an eye on energy firms...and without fear of reprisal.  And hacking is the number one reason the government keeps kicking around the idea of shutting down parts of the internet, and it may lead to American loss of control over their own internet systems...oh, wait.

I always wondered if Obama's penchant for spying on Germany, and other places where he was told to knock it off, was set up to allow more hammering of America worldwide.  After all, our President doesn't truly care for this nation, taking time almost weekly to claim we're sub-par, and most recently nonchalantly quipping that we, "tortured some folks."  I mean, come on, he's not an American cheerleader, and neither are the libertarians who idolize Snowden and Putin.

So, the libertines are willing to endanger American lives and freedoms by allowing our weapons secrets to go to our enemies, so long as our government is exposed as intrusive.  And somehow, in the mix, they have convinced themselves that Putin is actually better than not just Obama, but also the oppressive American military/industrial complex.  They don't complain so much about the CIA anymore, just America, in general.

It brings to mind the hot mic audio of Obama telling Medvedev that he will have more flexibility after his reelection, and it worries me that libertarians who are easily turned against the American military, and their new found ability to rile up college children who don't know any more than they're told, are actually rallying for a tyrannical President to make deals with the KGB.

Americans already know or suspect that the President is not working as an American President should, but rallying behind an oppressive ideology that is hidden from view. Just to reject our own policies speaks to the immaturity of those clamoring to pick Putin's regime over the worst President this nation has ever seen, Obama, and in doing so, denouncing America.  And immaturity is a main characteristic of the progressive left, as it is necessary for those who would control you to keep you that way.

The American people are losing freedoms rapidly, but the fever of anti-Obama sentiment has given a platform to bad players who would like to see America taken down and, frankly, who are promoting the idea that the American people work with the Russian aggressor.  If your enemy is Obama, and the enemy of your enemy is Putin, it does not make Putin our friend.  And, further, how do we know Obama and Putin aren't exercising their flexibility as we speak?

The legal American citizen cannot get into the shadows, as the politicians like to claim we are holding tens of thousands of would-be Americans yearning to be citizens.  The government bureaucrats know you, and the consultants and political machines know you.  In fact, there is little outrage that, every two years, you are plugged into a system from all the data you've handed over freely, since I guess we expect to be surveilled for our votes?  Yet, the idea that the NSA is spying on you just moves you to revolutionary status is odd.  As if we should lionize the guy who is sitting with the head of the former KGB, whose government hackers are grabbing passwords and has a good relationship with China, who is and has been hacking our weapons systems AND our voting systems?

America doesn't deserve that, and one day, Obama will not be our President any longer, but these foreign threats, increased by Snowden's trip back to the USSR, will continue to mount with real American lives at risk.

Of course, the NSA should not be spying on us, but the answer isn't to fall into the arms of an aggressor who has his own plan for America.