Anger and Fighting Are the Result of Lost Constitutionalism

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | January 26, 2014 | 6:21 PM EST

I saw a tweet this week from Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founder of GOProud, that had a link to a story saying he was leaving the GOP to become an "independent."

LaSalvia has decided to leave the GOP because of its big government stance, and supposed intolerant group of people within it who he says are bigots.

That was yesterday.

Today, Chairman of the Republican Party Reince Priebus released a statement, jointly with Bobby Schostak, Michigan GOP chairman, saying, "For the good of the party, we believe Dave Agema should resign."

Dave Agema is Michigan's Republican Committeeman, and has come under heavy fire by prominent Michigan Republicans for his remarks on gay issues.

Agema is popular with the conservative base of the party because he takes a Biblical stance on marriage which is in the Party's platform, and does not bend to political correctness. But those who criticize him have repeatedly labeled him as a bigot for talking about the downsides of gay marriage on society, promiscuity in homosexual circles, and insurance fraud.  He never called names, nor "hated" gay people.

As we have seen with Phil Robertson, if you take a Biblical stance on homosexuality and marriage, you will be called a bigot, and much worse.

Now, LaSalvia is right about one thing, government is too big, but what should be at the heart of both parties, is the Constitution.

I challenged LaSalvia on the fact that gay marriage is an issue left to the States, but he responded that, "The country has decided that issue. We have reached the tipping point of public opinion. It's time for the opponents to move on."

And here is the point of bringing attention to these two episodes.

Americans like LaSalvia who, by all accounts, has been involved in politics for a very long time, do not know that policy is not to be implemented by mob rule. We are supposed to be a representative republic. There is a thing called the Constitution, which was implemented by people who were also very knowledgeable of the Bible. In fact, Western Civilization itself is based upon Judeo-Christian philosophy. Regardless of party, are we to "move on" from traditional beliefs of Christianity simply because of modern polling?  And if we are, we reject all of American tradition and history, because of one issue that is supposed to be, and has been, taken care of by the states.

If more people understood the greatness of the Constitution, this rancor would be lessened.  Gay marriage would be allowed in States where popular vote permitted it.  But, that was not enough for the proponents of gay marriage - they claimed it as a "right" and went to the courts to get around the pesky Constitutional construct.

The debate over gay marriage is quite nasty, and it will remain so, since the matter is now in the courts.  There is speculation that many States' Constitutional amendments that recognize marriage as only between one man and one woman will be overturned through the courts.  In other words, popular will of the people of the state no longer matters.

If a small percentage of people create a passion among the people to get their pet issue addressed nationally, in this case out of sympathy for a supposed "right," and there is complete disregard for the rule book, all we have is mob rule; anarchy.

In Federalist #49, Madison talks about amending the Constitution, and his references to the passions of the people are applicable here.  He said that when an issue comes up, we cannot allow our passions to be the driving force, only reason.  If the Constitution was to be changed every time a new passion stirred the public, it would be rendered useless.  It would be far better if reason directed government and government controlled passions.

But, years of popular passions have effectively amended the Constitution, or changed it, through the courts, and through laws.  After all, it was the unconstitutional meddling of the courts that prompted DOMA which is actually unconstitutional because marriage laws should be left to the states.  The striking down of DOMA is now prompting a fury of court proceedings challenging State Constitutional amendments in favor of traditional marriage.

Nothing is as it should be, and that is why every little thing is being argued publicly, stressing our differences in personal philosophy.  That is why there is anger, especially with this particular president, who now seems to enter every room with his chant, "I have a pen and a phone."

La Salvia said that his other reason for leaving was because of "big-government 'conservatives' who run the party now." He shares that view with Agema, that government is too big, and Republicans must become the Party of limited government. So, according to my calculations, two people who disagree on one issue, agree on another, in fact, that very issue is paramount on people's minds across the country. A record high of 72% of the American people believe government has gotten too big.

A re-introduction of the founding is happening all over the nation, and the more we study the reasoning behind those hallowed documents, the more the rule of law will be respected, and the more we can grow as a nation.

We must get back to the Constitution and understanding it, revering it, and restoring it, or this national rancor will never end.