Add the Syrian Conflict to the List of Things Caused by Global Warming

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | June 30, 2014 | 10:39 AM EDT

I found a website that uses comics to explain complex ideas.  It reminds me of a 3rd grade text book, except that the comic that led me to the site that had a ridiculous title, "Syria's Climate Conflict; How Climate Change Contributes to Civil Unrest."

The comic, by Symbolia Magazine, is one of numerous comics adapted from climate change theory in order, presumably, to use that medium to explain how the entire earth is in jeopardy if we don't tax the evil rich and go back to third-world living conditions.  The Years Project is the source of the comic that seeks to prove that global warming is a key instigator of the Syrian conflict.  The Years Project is a grantee of the Ford Foundation.

The story alleges that drought, caused by man-made global warming, caused people to move away from the rural areas because the Assad regime refused well permits to non-party members.  There was then, a migration to cities to find work, which exacerbated the water supply, and caused a few well-to-do teens to spray paint a wall, calling for the toppling of the Assad regime.  Coming to the conclusion, "After decades of cruel leadership, the effects of climate change may have been the ultimate unhinging stressor for Syria."

Yes, somehow, if it were a few degrees cooler, which supposedly is going to happen if the world starts paying attention to the risks of global warming and closes down all the coal plants, and only allows the leader of Green Peace to fly to and from work every day, but no one else, regulates business out of business and denies you any rights to the water on land, eventually taking away your property rights, then and only then will the Middle East be at eternal peace and tranquility.

But, even if Syria recovers politically, the comic states, it's still on a path to destruction, "Syria is on a path to lose nearly 50% of its agricultural capacity by 2050."

I guess we'll all think twice about getting into the car and driving just for the fun of it now, I mean, if it means peace in the Middle East, right?

Is that the working theory of radical nutjob environmentalists?  That the Middle East is hot, therefore, people get cranky, and if it wasn't so hot, they'd sing kumbaya?  It has, in their view, little to do with the fact that Islamists wish to impose Sharia Law- or that Syrian Rebels who are Al Qaeda and who pledged to support ISIS, just kill people to impose their will?

But by looking into a little more about The Years Project, you will find that the fact that the comic reminded me of a 3rd grade textbook is probably because radical environmentalists are using the information to teach educators and students about how it is you and I who have destroyed planet Earth, if only you could see the true examples.

Here is an excerpt from the affiliated website of The Years Project, called, "Years of Living Dangerously."

We have teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation to provide age and developmentally appropriate curriculum, resources, online learning, contests and events to enhance and extend the experience beyond the screen for middle and high school teachers and students, college faculty and students, and parents.

So children are confronted with the charge that their very existence and use of everyday items, and consumption of certain foods, are the reason that people are getting slaughtered in Syria.

Those green activists are a mean bunch.