Abortion Industry's Marketing Department Goes into Overdrive

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | January 8, 2014 | 9:54 AM EST

Just before the Christmas break, the Michigan Legislature, dominated by Republicans, passed a bill that would allow Michigan to opt out of taxpayer funding of abortions under the new Obamacare law.

The saga began as a couple of bills passed through the legislature a little over a year ago.  The Republican majority in the House and super-majority in the Senate passed one bill that would restrict abortion mills and require higher facility standards of the State's abortion clinics, and another that would allow Michigan taxpayers to opt out of paying for abortions under the Obamacare law, making it necessary for those seeking coverage for abortions to buy a separate rider.

Governor Snyder, a Republican, vetoed the opt-out bill but signed the restriction bill, stating that he believed the opt-out bill didn't strike the right balance, because it did not provide for women who had been raped or were victims of incest.

Conservatives were incensed. How could it make sense to force taxpayers to pay for all abortions in Michigan, 99.9% of which had nothing to do with rape or incest?

Brilliantly, Michigan's Constitution provides for the people to organize and petition for the legislature to reconsider a bill that has been vetoed, and if they collect enough signatures to equal at least eight percent of the recent gubernatorial voting population, the legislature can put through the bill once again, and is not subject to the Governor's veto.

We did just that.  Michigan Right to Life sent packets of petitions statewide, and collected almost 300,000 signatures in a very short amount of time, much more than needed, according to the Constitution.

Once the Board of Canvassers certified the signatures, the bill was produced, and immediately faced an assault by the pro-abort leftists, calling it a "rape-insurance" bill.

Now, to understand their lurid argument, you'll have to bend your mind inside out.

They claimed that if a woman had to purchase a separate rider to cover abortion, that it is tantamount to forcing a woman to weigh the probability of being raped, and that the thought of having to wonder if you'd be covered in case of rape was too much for any woman to have to consider.  So, naturally, it should be that taxpayers pay for all abortion to avoid this rhetorical caveat.

To unscramble their argument, you have to understand that leftists equate "access" with "free."  They wanted to have the taxpayers of Michigan fund abortion as a benefit in every policy, in order to provide free abortion in case of rape.

It assumes also that all women who have been raped, and conceived, would elect to have an abortion. This is not the case.

The disturbing argument, meant to shock and to keep the words "rape" and "GOP" in the headlines, glossed over the fact that if a woman is pro-abortion, she has access to abortion by purchasing a separate rider.  She has to pay for it herself, because the taxpayers, time and time again, do not want to pay for someone else's abortion.

By the way, pro-aborts know that Planned Parenthood, funded by taxpayers, provides low cost and often free abortions no matter what the claim or reason, even, as conservatives will remember from the exposé from Live Action, if the mother decides she would rather not have a child of a particular sex.

Facing the macabre dialogue coming from the left, there was some speculation that the Speaker of the House might not put the bill to a vote, risking a provision in the Constitution that provides for a 40-day window for passage.  If the legislation is not acted upon within those 40 days, the bill becomes eligible for a ballot measure, putting it to a vote in the upcoming elections of 2014.

Once again, it was all hands on deck for the conservative activists in the state, calling, faxing, and emailing their representatives, and it paid off.

The final day that the House was in session, the bill was taken up simultaneously in the House and Senate, and passed on a bipartisan basis.

The law will go into effect in March.  Until then, we can expect the left in Michigan, and their allies around the country, to try everything they can to force taxpayers to pay for abortion-a moral repugnance seen by many of us as one of the greatest assaults on mankind.

But the left is losing the argument, not only on taxpayer funding of abortion, but abortion itself.  After the Gosnell trial, the marketing division of the abortion industry has become very desperate.  In my view, social media has become a powerful tool to help clarify the inhumanity of abortion, and how its proponents have little integrity left to stand on.

As it is difficult to provide a photo depicting abortion in a positive light, the social media images of what abortion actually entails, how a child inside the mother is a separate being and connects that image with the right to live, whose death is therefore not a choice, and so many other intellectually stimulating charts and facts, helps codify the issue for those who never thought much past the flowery image of choice.

For the many that believe that the unconstitutional legalization of abortion, imposed on America by the left, was the quintessential blow to Western Civilization, it is perhaps a consolation that the left has to go to such outrageous, ridiculous and desperate lengths, not only to try to prove that it's a woman's choice to take another's life, but that you must pay for it.