You Have Two Choices, Mr. President

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | March 10, 2014 | 10:24 AM EDT

When things are sailing along your way, when your public approval polls are through the roof on the favorable side, the media treats you as if you're a sainted hero with the insight of a sage and the outlook of a prophet, when you've got both houses of Congress in your pocket and appointing academics and political hacks with no practical experience in the real world makes you appear urbane and forward-thinking and you're given half a decade to right some wrongs and get the country on track, that is one thing.

But, when the economy depends on the Fed printing seventy five billion dollars worth of wallpaper every month, when old and newly strengthened enemies are rattling their sabers and calling your bluff, when you are caught in numerous, outright lies and in the day of cyber geniuses and wunderkind you can't even muster a team to build a working web site for the piece of legislation you've staked your legacy on, when your healthcare plan is bleeding doctors like an open wound and the majority of Americans want to tear it up and start over, these are the times that prove the true mettle of a man.

When practically everything you've touched turns to garbage and you have to resort to your pen and your phone to alter legislation in hopes it will get you past the next two elections before your house of cards comes tumbling down and, even with the help of your media sycophants, you can no longer hide the failure your presidency has been, it's a different situation.

You can only keep so many balls in the air at one time, Mr. President, and you can only borrow so much money before the creditors get nervous and turn off the tap. And now you've run afoul of China, who could call in a trillion dollar loan at any time and I don't think your buddy, Vladimir, is going to come to your rescue.

The nation is more divided than it's been since Civil War, trust in government is at an all-time low and at a time when it appears the world is headed into another Cold War era you fire our most experienced military leaders, cut the defense budget and reduce benefits for the men and women who have kept this nation free.

Your Attorney General is an arrogant little tin tyrant who has taken it upon himself to decide which of America's duly legislated laws he will enforce and encourages others to do the same, the IRS is riddled with much less than honorable people who actually have to assume the role usually reserved for Mafia Dons and corporate criminals and take the Fifth Amendment, all the while, claiming they've done nothing wrong and have no reason for pleading thus.

Your relationship with Israel is cool, to say the least, and your determination to establish a Palestinian state includes taking hard-won, Israeli occupied territory and putting it into the hands of enemies who can lob rockets into Israel's population centers without the least apprehension about killing babies and the helpless.

When you came into office, you claimed that soon a new era of friendship and cooperation would exist between America and the rest of the world, that your policy of apologizing for America's hard-earned exceptionalism, your appeasement and bowing and scraping would usher in an era of understanding that your predecessors had frittered away with their heavy handed treatment methods and, that intellectual dialogue and appeasement would soothe the ruffled feathers of even the bloodiest of America's enemies.

You hailed the Arab Spring as the Middle Eastern equivalent of America's Revolutionary War and proclaimed the arrival of democracy in those troubled lands and as four Americans fought for their lives for nine hours in Libya, you made no attempt to send help, went up stairs and went bed so you could be rested up for a campaign trip the next morning.

Mr. President, when you took your oath of office you swore to protect, not the Democratic Party, not your pet socialist projects, not the unions or the illegals, but the United States of America.

As you approach the last two years of your term. you can choose one of two things. You can continue to wear your blinders and push your failing policies, protect the crooked and incompetent in your administration, continue to increase spending and further divide the nation by your actions and your rhetoric and leave this nation with debt and International relations that will take decades to dig out of, if ever.

Or you could actually live up to the oath you swore, close the border, stop destroying the coal industry and the thousands who make a living from it while technologies can be developed to burn coal cleanly, freeze new spending and government hiring and reduce the redundant, useless federal bureaucracies, admit that Obamacare is beyond fixing and start all over again, helping those who need help and leaving everybody else alone.

You, above all the presidents America has ever had, have the chance to take race relations to where they should be, truly level the playing field for all races, and encourage minorities to get an education and develop a sense of self-responsibility.

Mr. President, I have disagreed with almost every thing you've done since you've been in office and have been very vocal about it, but if you will renounce the corruption in your administration, fire the deadwood and replace them with competence and experience, forsake the programs that have so miserably failed, restore America's military to it's rightful place in this nation's priorities, freeze government spending and institute procedures to pay off America's debt, I will, and I'm quite sure many other of your detractors will, loudly and loyally support you.

I would like nothing better than to, in good conscience, support my president and his policies.

Americans are a forgiving people, Mr. President. We can forget the past and help you secure our future.

We can't do it alone and, Mr. President, neither can you.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels