A Real Halloween Scare

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | October 29, 2013 | 3:53 PM EDT

When President Bush nominated John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and he was confirmed, I was extremely pleased as I believed him to be a man of integrity and common sense who would look out for the interests of the American people and defend the Constitution against all comers.

But with Judge Roberts's Obamacare Decision, evidently prompted by some arcane interpretation of semantics, he singlehandedly burdened three hundred and fifty million people with an unworkable, impractical, economy-destroying piece of legislation the slugs on Capitol Hill passed without even reading, the most nation-changing piece of socialistic corruption to come along in America's history.

For one man to wield this kind of power, to control the tie-breaking decision that will affect lives in this country for generations to come is a frightening and intimidating thing.

And when you stop and think about the power America has placed in the hands of the federal government, with no checks and balances, that can't in one way or another be manipulated by visible or invisible powers, it will dawn on you just how dangerous and freedom-threatening a clumsy, gluttonous, monolithic, central government really is.

Big government is cold, impersonal, always looking for ways to expand its power and control over our lives.

Couple that with a president who thinks the executive order gives him monarch-like power to circumvent the Constitution and a congress that lacks the will or the courage to put the brakes on him, a Supreme Court that seems determined to let him have his way in all things, and all balled up together they constitute a danger America hasn't faced since the days of King George, as all three branches of government bend to the will of a socialist president determined to bring the greatest nation the world has ever known to its knees.

Any person with a scintilla of gray matter has to admit that Obama is not a leader. A charismatic, likable guy who with the aid of a TelePrompTer and his magnetic personality can motivate his base into thinking the sky is green and screaming obscenities at those who disagree with them.

But a leader he is not. When something goes wrong, a true leader steps out front and takes the blame, fixes the problem and moves on. Obama hides behind his press secretary and other minions, ignores problems and moves from disaster to disaster knowing that his sold out sycophants in the media will cover for him.

Turn the coin over and look at the Republican side. When they're not trying to verbally destroy each other, they're doing their "Democrat lite" thing, afraid of their own shadow and trying to look good in a media that is going to condemn them no matter what route they take.

The Republican Party claims to be the conservative alternative, but if anyone really stands up and truly acts conservative, the establishment excommunicates them for being too radical.

There is no consensus of leadership in the Republican Party and a house divided cannot stand, which paves the way for the president and his confederacy of spend-crazy Democrats to divide the races and bankrupt the nation with a government that grows more powerful and more top heavy every day until it topples and they all go home to their gilded pensions and triple A healthcare plans leaving the American people with Obamacare and the biggest mess ever known to civilized man to clean up.

America needs a leader and I don't care if he or she has a "D" an "R" or an "I" beside their name.

I'll never put blanket trust in a political party going down the ballot checking the names off just because they belong to one party or the other.

I'm sick of the whole thing and ready for some real hope and change, I'm sick of the carping, the dissension, the deception and the confusion.

Talk about confusion, I live in Tennessee where Senator Alexander voted for the food protection act and Senator Corker voted against it. Somebody is right and somebody is wrong and nobody is saying which.

Bring me an honest, Godly person, who is capable of inspiring confidence, a leader of men, a person of courage and the tenacity to stay the course no matter how hard the winds of adversity are blowing, a compassionate, caring person with plenty of common sense and good old fashioned guts and don't sweat the college degrees or the party affiliation.

I'll vote for them, danged right I'll vote for them.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels