Charlie Daniels: A Dangerous Cabal of Political and Financial Power Is Now in Place

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | August 9, 2017 | 12:54 PM EDT

President Donald Trump (Flickr Photo/Labeled for Reuse)

I had a terrifying thought this morning, that I hope with all my heart never becomes anything more than a thought, but the more I think about it the more feasible and possible it becomes to me.

We all know that the Trump White House leaks like a colander, but I think that General Kelly will introduce measures to nip that in the bud. A few firings and a jail sentence or two could go a long way in curtailing that foolishness.

But where are the serious leaks, like transcripts of President Trump talking to foreign leaders, coming from? This is tantamount to spying which translates into trafficking in classified documents and carries some stiff penalties, not to mention completely ruining the person or persons responsible for it.

Then I started wondering why anybody in government service would want to do such a thing and why.

The first implication would be that this person or those persons are Trump haters and want to embarrass him and make his whole administration appear fumbling, incompetent and foolish.

Then a darker thought came to mind.

Who would have the power to reach deep into the bureaucracy to the personnel who have access and ability to a president’s private conversations? Rogue NSA or Secret Service? Ex-presidents who had the resources and the opportunity to leave operatives in place before he left the oval office?

Because the outing of Trump’s conversations with foreign leaders has a much grander design than fostering the appearances of fumbling incompetence, it appears as though it’s intended to cause other foreign leaders to be afraid of having conversations with Trump, thereby seriously crippling his ability to conduct foreign policy and bring about impotency.

A dangerous cabal of political and financial power is now in place. It’s well-manned, well-financed, motivated by their mutual hate of the change Donald Trump represents: the return of manufacturing to America, sensible immigration policies, anti-climate change agenda, anti-Obamacare and anti-just-about-everything the elite super rich movers and shakers of this planet can use to keep the working class under their thumb.

Donald Trump represents nationalism. They represent globalism. Donald Trump represents America First. They represent the farce that America is a bad place and needs to take its place with the socialistic failures of the world. Trump sees the global warming movement for the scam that it is, which takes away a major scare tactic and fundraising gimmick from the left.

These people have the media in their pocket, the ability to scare milquetoast republicans into getting in line and a rubber stamp Democratic Party to do their bidding, and they’re not playing. They’re dead serious about destroying Donald Trump, and evidently they don’t care how much damage their treachery will do to the nation.

Their plans for packing the Supreme Court were interrupted, many more designated by executive order, the same way they were put in place. The stock market is up, unemployment down, and consumer confidence is high, and in spite of Trump’s dismal approval ratings and the non-stop media bashing that would have demoralized and crippled a less confident man, he keeps on keeping on, much to the dismay of the coup-minded international underground that has spent millions to derail his train.

The Democrats are not, even now, willing to admit that, in spite of Trump’s rashness and proclivity toward overkill, the reason they lost is because of their arrogance and how far out of touch they really are with middle America.

Bill Clinton was a likeable candidate with excellent communication skills. He came up in an environment that equipped him with the ability to talk to the people in flyover country, because he was one of them, and the consummate politician, people liked him, even after he lied to their face and degraded the presidency with his shenanigans.

Hillary is the antithesis of her husband. She comes off as vindictive, cold and distant, untrustworthy, with little sense of humor, with no entry into the world of the working-class American. Her condescension was there for all to see, and even when she spoke about issues they really cared about, it was couched in the vernacular and demeanor of a college professor rather than someone who could really “feel their pain.”

When you take Hillary’s complete removal from the common folks, combine it with the dire

prophecies of a dour-faced Chuck Schumer, the nonsensical philippics of Nancy Pelosi and the inane ravings of Maxine Waters, how much hope and light can you expect?

The Democrats could have fielded a much better candidate, but when you’re blinded by the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood crowd, have a war chest that would rival the fiscal budget of some small countries and the attitude that the people in the rust belt don’t count anymore, you just depend on the bicoastal theory and get the balloons ready to pop.

What a big, colossal, stupendous, gigantic, humiliating disappointment, and the powers that be ain’t gonna take it sitting down.

Organize, finance, alert the media, and the semi covert operatives in the bureaucracies just keep throwing so much manure on the White House lawn every day that nobody has time to do anything but shovel it.

And that’s where we are in these United States of America, with an underground coup in the works, obstinacy in the legislative branch and the focal point of the daily news offerings not about a stock market at an all-time high, the return of jobs, the ebb of illegal aliens, the fact that for the first time the federal government is actually doing something for the people who are forced to live in neighborhoods ruled by violent gangs, but the latest innuendo, rumor or outright lie about the “Great Russian Intrusion.”

Remember one thing, when a bomb is set off in a garbage dump, or a swamp, the slop blows both ways.

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

What do you think?

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels is a legendary American singer, song writer, guitarist, and fiddler famous for his contributions to country and southern rock music. Daniels has been active as a singer since the early 1950s. He was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on January 24, 2008.