The BHO Debacle Du Jour Is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | July 21, 2014 | 4:54 PM EDT

I was at Guantanamo Bay entertaining the troops during the days when the Haitians were coming in droves by boat and landing on the beaches at the base expecting mass asylum in the United States.

They were kept in a compound of concertina wire, simply because there was no place else to keep them until they could be processed.

The first thing some of the troublemakers did was rip the wooden legs off the cots they'd been issued to use as weapons and attack their guards in an attempt to escape the compound, which was a bad idea because they ran a foul of the United States Marine Corps, which had little patience for such behavior and quickly put an end to the foolishness.

The upshot was that all the Haitians were eventually sent back to Haiti - troublemakers included - hopefully, much wiser men insofar as the U.S. military is concerned.

The point I'm going around my elbow to get to my thumb to stress is that there are always a few troublemakers in every group, and no matter how justified and noble you may or may not believe the "unattended children" streaming across our southern border may be, you can bet the farm there are some very serious troublemakers included in the bunch.

In other words, the very thing these children are supposedly running away from, they brought with them. Violent gang members, murderers, drug runners and thugs of all description, young though they may be, hardened unrepentant criminals just waiting to ply their sordid trades on the unsuspecting streets of America.

If our Justice Department was led by anything other than a prejudiced political hack, it would be way out in front of this farce detaining the ones with criminal records and deporting them until the President finishes his round of golf and decides what is going to happen to the rest of them.

And, therein, lies another gigantic conundrum, much of it generated by an irresponsible media that always use the word "children" in describing them, in an attempt to brand anybody who wants to send them back to their parents a heartless, racist pig, never mentioning the MS-13 gang members and the various and sundry grownups included in the bunch.

That not withstanding, the fact that there are so many children involved exacerbates a pitiful situation, since nobody wants to be accused of denying little children shelter. But the pertinent question is: "How many children?"

Where does this mass migration end, who draws the line, who takes care of them, will their parents be allowed to join them, vastly multiplying the numbers?

These and many other questions remain unanswered and what's happening is like an uncontrolled flood, the water just keeps rising and there's no place for it to go.

The Obama administration will do its level best to lay the blame for this colossal screw-up on anybody else except Obama, but the sorry truth is that he is just as overwhelmed as the rest of us and the bunch of idealistic, "act first, think later" screw-ups he has around him are as lost as a blind calf in a hail storm.

It's like, "Well, we brought 'em here, now you deal with 'em."

American communities are getting up in arms about bus and plane loads of people being dumped into their towns and on their faltering economies, and even hardcore Obama supporters are having second thoughts about the president's inaction.

The saddest thing about this whole situation is an open secret as everybody with enough gray matter to strike a match knows: this is not a humanitarian undertaking; it's just an attempt by Obama and the Democrats to build a majority Democrat voting base in traditionally conservative territory, a future super-majority that would keep them in power ad infinitum.

All this human suffering, all these kids subjected to heaven only knows what on the long trip by the coyotes and the other thugs in the bunch. All this to bolster a political party.

How low can you go?

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels