After The Fact

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | January 28, 2014 | 5:56 PM EST

When the subject of the Benghazi massacre is brought up around Obama and Hillary supporters they start referring to it as "old news" and say, sure some mistakes were made but that the whole thing has been explained and it's time for the nation to "move on," and to put it behind us.

I'm sure they say that with good reason and trepidation because even the most avid, partisan acolyte has to have reservations in the back of their minds about secret deals, why a high value target like an American ambassador was allowed to go into a hot spot with only one security man, why - even though the siege lasted over seven hours and there were assets in Tripoli - no help was sent.

Then, there was the intentional bald-faced lie the Obama administration told and proliferated about a spontaneous protest by people carrying weapons nobody carries around spontaneously.

Then, there was Hillary's frigid remark of "What difference at this point does it make?" - the incessant stonewalling, the abundant rumors and on top of that, the brazen act of the betrayal of four Americans by a president who simply turned off the light and went to bed.

Everyday for almost a year, I ask for Justice for the Benghazi Four on my Twitter site. Why is this particular event so important to me?

Because it demonstrates the attitude and priorities of this White House and the administration that inhabits it. And, I feel that the four Americans who died there are not being treated with the respect or the attention they deserve by the administration or the media.

In the first place, how did whoever gave the stand-down order know how long the battle would last and, even if help had been late arriving, wouldn't sending it have demonstrated to our enemies that America takes care of its own and there will be a price to pay for every attack against us?

I heard from a former jet pilot who says that jet fighter planes stationed in Italy could have made it to Benghazi.

There were security assets in Tripoli who were loading into transport to go to the rescue when they were called back and told to stay in Tripoli and protect the embassy. What about the ambassador, isn't he what the embassy is there for in the first place?

I don't know about anybody else, but this whole thing comes off as lackadaisical and a president more concerned about being rested up for a campaign stop than rescuing four Americans facing impossible odds in a hellhole in Libya.

To me, the Benghazi debacle shows America how the Obama White House reacts to crisis and the callousness with which they regard as expendable those who serve this nation in the dangerous outposts of the world.

If America is faced with a truly catastrophic attack of the magnitude of 9/11 or an all-out assault on one of our allies, I shudder to even imagine what the Obama/Jarret/Kerry reaction would be, but I'm inclined to think that this president would show up at a gun fight with a dull knife and, by the time he got it out of his pocket, the fight would be over.

There was a time when the powers of the world took time to declare war on each other, to signal that a state of conflict existed between two nations, but that is no longer the case. Sneak terrorist attacks, cyber war and weapons of mass destruction are in play and only quick and decisive reaction is the only chance we have of getting ahead of it.

If the Obama administration's handling of the Benghazi affair is an example of their state of readiness, this nation is in grave danger.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels