Former Baseball Star Strawberry Gets It Right about Tebow's 'Faith'

Bob Parks
By Bob Parks | August 8, 2013 | 9:35 AM EDT

Darryl Strawberry

Former all-star major league baseball player Darryl Strawberry has a few words for those who've jumped on the Tim Tebow bashing trend....

"I look at Tebow, and he gets bashed because of his faith. Let 'em laugh. Let 'em talk. He’s a greater man than anyone who might be greater than him as an athlete. He’s a real man. He gets challenged about his faith all of the time, but he never wavers because of opinions, or what the media is writing about him.

"His reward later on in life is going to be even greater because he stood in the midst of everybody criticizing him being a Christian and playing sports at the same time. I admire him more than he could ever imagine."

In full disclosure, I am a Boston native, pre-2001 Patriots fan and had a hunch New England would be the place where Tebow would be most welcome.

For all those who criticize Tebow's throwing "mechanics" and aptitude for the quarterback position, let me humbly remind you that he won the Heisman trophy in his sophomore year at Florida and went 26-2 in his last two seasons there, turned around a poisonous locker room with a 1-5 Denver Broncos team with "faith" and led them to winning the AFC West and a playoff game in 2011.

Despite all his successes, the one thing he's still criticized for is his faith. Compared to the misbehavior of many National Football League players in recent years, Strawberry has it right on Tim Tebow.

Let 'em laugh, let 'em talk.