A Tale of Two Epic Fails in Just 500 Words

Steve Deace
By Steve Deace | May 14, 2013 | 10:17 AM EDT

Americans killed in Benghazi and this president has virtually nothing to say.

But when another pro athlete says he'd like to have sex with anybody other than his wife (not to mention the would-be fiancée he lied to for eight years), this president and his acolytes can't shut up.

Currently, the smallest percentage of Americans since 1979 (that's right - the disastrous Carter years) are participating in the work force and this president and his acolytes have nothing for them.

But, this administration and its acolytes would like to provide 10-20 million illegals access to potential jobs they're willing to do for much less than the average American would, which would further drive down the potential wage base overall.

Economic growth is so poor right now the Feds are revamping how they determine the GDP so they can conjure up a more favorable outlook.

Bu,t this administration and its acolytes are looking to "streamline" its implementation of a takeover over the healthcare system that is sure to bankrupt us all the more. It already costs $233 billion more than they promised before it even takes effect, and it will raise individual insurance rates by as much as 32%.

This administration and its acolytes have largely ignored Kermit Gosnell, perhaps the most heinous mass child-murderer since John Wayne Gacy.

But this administration and its acolytes did become the first presidency to speak to the mass child killers at Planned Parenthood, even having the chutzpah to say "God bless you" to conclude the remarks.

There's a lot more where that came from, but by now you get the picture. It's easy to frame the complete and total epic fail that has been the Obama Regime. Unless you're the Republican Party, that is.

How badly has the national Republican Party failed to be a real opposition party since the Tea Party carried them back into power in the historic 2010 elections?

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a whopping 42% of Americans are unaware that unpopular Obamacare is lawful. Some thought it was repealed by Congress, overturned by the Supreme Court, or weren't sure what Obamacare's current status is. Translation: despite the $992 million the Romney Campaign spent, the $400 million Karl Rove spent, and the $284 million Reince Priebus spent in the just-concluded 2012 election, they totally failed to educate the American people on the signature issue that led to over 700 incumbent Democrats losing in 2010.

In other words, the current national leadership of the GOP is also an epic fail, and their failure is aiding and abetting Obama's schemes.

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