What About Self-Defense Stories Involving Guns, Mr. President?

Stephen Gutowski
By Stephen Gutowski | February 21, 2013 | 5:04 PM EST

As "The Right Views" reported yesterday, is asking people to submit their "stories about gun violence" and their reasons for supporting stronger gun control measures. There is even an entire section on dedicated to stories of gun violence and calls for more gun control. Curiously, though, there has been no call from the President for stories of guns used in self-defense or any section on diligently chronicling them.

But, there are several websites out there that haven't waited for the President's call and have set about bringing light to how guns are used to save lives.

"The Right Views" has been on the lookout for cases of self-defense that are emblematic of why our gun rights are so vital. Whether it's the rape victim who was prevented from arming herself by her school, the mother who used her semi-automatic handgun to protect her son from three masked intruders, or the 86 year-old woman who used a gun to fight off a thief, we've give a voice to those who've exercised their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves or others.

However, there are even more thorough repositories for self-defense stories involving a firearm.

The Cato institute has an interactive map of self-defense stories they've complied. While the map is an impressive representation, Cato admits that even the plethora of cases they're put onto their map isn't a "comprehensive" representation of gun defense in the U.S. because "Criminals will often flee the scene when they discover that their intended target has a gun. With no shots fired, no injuries, and no suspect in custody, news organizations may report nothing at all."

An NRA blog chronicles self-defense success stories. And, The Armed Citizen, which is no longer posting stories, claimed to have complied a study that "documented stories of armed self-defense starting in late 2003, accumulating nearly 4,000 entries by 2010."

GunsandAmmo posted a slideshow of their top ten self-defense stories of 2012. currently provides an ever-expanding collection of gun defense stories. According to Dan Cannon, the owner and editor, the site has documented 799 cases of self defense involving firearms since the site started in August of 2011. The site is updated, usually several times a day, with new reports of guns being used in self defense across the country.

So, it's clear that there are many stories of self defense readily available from a wide variety of sources on a daily basis. People are using firearms to defend them across the country and often times in situations when it's their only line of defense.

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