University Offers Scholarship to Expelled High Schooler: 'Anti-Gun Zealots Tried to Vilify Him'

Stephen Gutowski
By Stephen Gutowski | May 2, 2013 | 5:02 PM EDT

Liberty University has decided to award a scholar ship to David "Cole" Withrow after he was expelled from his high school as a result of its zero tolerance anti-gun policy for accidentally bringing an unloaded shotgun to Princeton High School's parking lot in the back of his vehicle.

"When I reached out to encourage this responsible and impressive young man, I learned that he wanted to go to Liberty University, but couldn't afford it. I told him that we would do whatever he needed so that he can attend Liberty" Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr said in a statement.

"Anti-gun zealots tried to vilify him for doing the right thing, so Liberty has decided to award him the help he needs to attend a private Christian college," Falwell said.

"He is a humble and meek Christian kid who only wants to do the right thing! We want students like Cole Withrow," Falwell added.

The university has since been flooded with messages of support," Falwell told Fox News, adding, the scholarship is "something our whole university feels good about."

"[Y]ou see an honest young man like Cole arrested and treated like a criminal for making an honest mistake - you wonder what's happening to our country."

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