Tim Tebow Inspires March Madness Team With Impromptu Speech

Stephen Gutowski
By Stephen Gutowski | March 26, 2013 | 1:28 PM EDT

In a surprise move, Tim Tebow gave an inspirational speech to a men's basketball team that happened to be sharing the same tarmac on Sunday, according to KSN. "This you'll remember for the rest of your lives," Tebow told the Wichita State University Shockers as they returned from an NCAA tournament win. "

Some of you might go play in the NBA, you might have great lives, but this is the time you'll remember," Tebow continued.

Demonstrating the kind of character Tebow has become known for, he reminded the young players that they "are an inspiration to so many people." And, he implored them to "always remember that in how you carry yourself." In classic Tebow style, he also encouraged the team to "leave nothing on the court."

This is just the latest example of why so many people have so much respect for Tim Tebow. Not only does he make the day of a small college's basketball team, but he does it without seeking publicity. This video wasn't filmed by some publicity firm hired by Tebow but, rather, by a team member.

Additionally, Tebow doesn't simply encourage the players to strive for excellence on the court, he also encourages them to strive for it off the court. He makes a point to explain to them exactly how important their position in the spotlight is.

It's exactly this mixture of passion and responsibility displayed in this impromptu speech that earns Tim Tebow a special place in the hearts of millions. If only we had more like him in professional sports and pop culture at large.

(h/t Fox Nation)

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