NRA News Commentator Calls For Addressing The 'Root Cause' of Gun Violence: Violence

Stephen Gutowski
By Stephen Gutowski | March 27, 2013 | 5:38 PM EDT

Colion Noir, a popular Youtuber who recently made waves by signing on with NRA News, has put out a new video decrying the prevalence of dishonest solutions in the current gun debate.

He says relying on politicians and stricter gun control laws might sound like an easy solution, but it's just a costly cop-out that doesn't work.

To genuinely fight gun violence, he says, we need to address its root cause: violence. If we, as a society, discourage it, we'll not only have less gun violence, we'll also have less violence involving knives, hammers, etc.

The hard thing to do is face our own laziness about the real problems, Noir says. We can personally help the troubled people in our neighborhoods, or keep intercity kids out of gangs, or even take responsibility for our own safety.

As Noir points out, another assault weapons ban isn't going to stop the next crazed killing. It won't stop the gang killings in DC, or Philly, or Chicago either. And it won't keep a violent rapist from attacking another woman.

In fact, gun control is likely to make those problems even worse, by rendering potential victims defenseless.

Noir calls Americans concerned about violence to actually get up and do something about it - instead of trying to pawn off that responsibility to politicians or trendy campaigns.

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