Jon Stewart Blasts Government-Run Health Care - For Veterans

Stephen Gutowski
By Stephen Gutowski | March 29, 2013 | 11:59 AM EDT

Jon Stewart has set his anger loose on the Obama administration in rare moment of clarity. Stewart's righteous indignation was properly directed at the Veterans Administration's (VA) utter failure to properly serve our wounded warriors. In fact, Stewart doesn't let Obama off the hook for the increase in incompetence the agency has seen under his watch.

The Comedy Central host deserves some credit for calling out a president he very obviously supports. And his critique of the lack of care for our veterans as "criminal" is spot on. However, there is a broader point made by Stewart that he doesn't even seem to realize.

"The VA's got a backlog of 900,000 people, McDonalds handles ten times that many people in an hour and let me remind you: they're run by a clown," Stewart points out. And he's right.

But why is that? Why is the VA so bad at serving our soldiers? As Stewart point out, it's not due to a lack of funding or some sort of Republican obstruction.

"Bureaucratic incompetence, I get it," Stewart says. But, it's clear he doesn't. After all, his solution to this problem is for President Obama to wave a magic wand and make government as efficient as McDonalds.

And, after all, Stewart is all for more government intrusion in our lives and, especially, in our healthcare.

It's actually rather stunning that Stewart acknowledges the glaring failures of the government-run healthcare system for veterans - and learn nothing about the way government works and the pitfalls of turning everyone's health care over to it.

How can anybody look at the year-long waits our veterans face to receive care and think we should apply the same system that's failed them to the rest of society? How can anybody see government-run medicine fail the most highly revered among us and not wonder how poorly it'll treat the rest of us?

The cognitive dissonance required to square Stewart's justifiable outrage over government incompetence with his overwhelming desire to constantly expand government is colossal. His failure to realize there is a conflict between the two is astounding. The likelihood that he and his audience will take nothing away from this is depressing.

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