Joaquin Phoenix's Bizarre 'Suffocating Fish' Reenactment 'Too Political' - For The Oscars?

Stephen Gutowski
By Stephen Gutowski | February 22, 2013 | 12:30 PM EST

Here's how a fish feels when you cruelly suffocate it by reeling it in out of your local lake, Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix demonstrates in a new PETA video.

Apparently fishing is now murder - and a rather torturous murder at that.

Their new ad features Joaquin Phoenix flailing around under water asking people to "put yourself in their place" and "try to relate" - to fish. Yes, fish.

This bizarre spectacle may even be too much for ABC to broadcast at this year's Oscars.

PETA claims, in a statement made to E! News, that ABC has "deemed the video to be too political and controversial to run during the broadcast."

It's weird. When I went fishing with my father and cousins as a child I didn't feel like a torturous murderer. Apparently, according to PETA and Joaquin Phoenix, I was wrong.

I'll leave you with this question from PETA's "Fish Feel Pain" webpage: "Really, it's kind of a moral question. Is your angling more important than the pain to the fish?"

"Fish are smart, interesting animals with unique personalities, and just like humans, they feel pain. Go vegan," the PETA website declares.

Fish are people, too. Apparently.

What's next for Phoenix, reenacting the plant's pain when you pull a tomato from your backyard garden?

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