Homeowner Shoots Burglar in the Backside

Stephen Gutowski
By Stephen Gutowski | March 19, 2013 | 1:30 PM EDT

A burglar in Oregon decided to break back into a home for the third time. According to KATU it was a decision that burglar's backside is going to regret.

After being released from a local prison due to overcrowding Tony Tischer reportedly decided to break back into the same house he'd broken into twice before.

When the homeowner realized somebody had broken into his home, he grabbed his 12 gauge shotgun. According to Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis the homeowner fired a single shot when Tischer made a threatening move towards him. That shot hit Tischer square in the buttocks.

Let this story be a lesson to all would be burglars. If you're planning on robbing a home here in America you better watch your backside. You'll never know whether that law abiding citizen is armed and ready to defend himself and what's his.

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(h/t Guns Save Lives)