Former Abortion Clinic Worker Charged with Felony for Helping Friend Induce Miscarriage

Stephen Gutowski
By Stephen Gutowski | May 23, 2013 | 2:08 PM EDT

Jessica Carpenter and Rachael Lowe have been charged with a felony after they were accused of conspiring to induce early labor in Carpenter with the intention of killing her child.

According to Norfolk's NewsChannel 3, after taking "ingestible items" to induce labor Carpenter was taken to DePaul Hospital in Norfolk and delivered her baby prematurely. The child died 20 minutes later.

Lea Smith, a friend of Carpenter and Lowe, reportedly told the police about their plan to try to kill Carpenter's unborn child. Smith claimed that Lowe, a former employee of abortion provider Tidewater Women's Clinic, told Carpenter how to induce early labor in order to kill her child.

Smith told NewsChannel 3 that she was conflicted about telling police what happened but that she's "just upset that baby didn't have a chance at life."

Sad. Truly sad.

(h/t LifeNews)

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