Thanks, ObamaCare! Healthcare Costs Double For Students At Florida College

Ron Meyer
By Ron Meyer | May 31, 2012 | 1:03 PM EDT

Todd Starnes from Fox News reports today that--thanks to ObamaCare--costs will more than double for students attending Clearwater Christian College in Tampa Bay, Florida:

“Last year, [a student] from Hutchinson, Kan. paid $600 for health insurance coverage. But in the fall, Johnson will have to pay $1,330 – an amount he said is ‘becoming unaffordable.’

“‘It’s a lot of money for a college kid,’ he told Fox News Radio. ‘This law has not only raised the cost to me, it’s become unbearable for many financially strapped college students.’

“Clearwater Christian College, a non-denominational school, on Tampa Bay, placed the blame squarely on ObamaCare.

“’Due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA – commonly known as health care reform), the cost of student health insurance has doubled,’ read the letter from the college’s human resources department. “In addition, most insurance carriers are hesitant to provide contracts for this insurance due to the unpredictability of the cost of the claims.

No one should be surprised. As I explained last week in an op-ed for Fox News Nation, ObamaCare targets students and other young people to pay for its new costs:

“Not only does the law encourage us to remain dependent on our parents, it discriminates against young people. To subsidize the high costs for those nearing retirement, ObamaCare price controls require those under 30 to pay 35 to 45 percent more for their insurance premiums. Any young people previously choosing to self-insure must also now buy these expensive plans.

“Currently, it costs those nearing retirement five times more (5:1) on average for health insurance premiums than it does for those under 30. ObamaCare requires young people to pay higher premiums so that the average ratio is only three times more (3:1). Plus, most of the more affordable catastrophic coverage plans usually held by young people are banned under the minimum coverage provisions of the law.

"Whoever is purchasing a young person’s premium—be it their employer, their educator, their parent, or themself—will pay nearly 50 percent more for insurance. For young people, this means: less money, lower wages, higher tuition, angry parents, or all of the above.”

If ObamaCare doesn't get overturned by the Supreme Court, expect hundreds of stories like this.

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