Son of the Desert

Rich Galen
By Rich Galen | September 25, 2009 | 6:20 AM EDT

There is an old saying in politics -- which I think I made up -- that says: "No matter how good your position, there is always someone who agrees with you that you wish didn't."
Which means it is not so much an old saying in politics, as it something that someone who is old and in politics has said, but that's not the point of this.
In the annual waste of perfectly good money that could be going toward wiping out malaria and building clean water projects around the world, the U.N. General Assembly threw open its doors to the world and who should ooze in but Muammar Gaddafi.
President Obama's speech, which preceded Gaddafi's, was a description of a U.N. which does not, in real life, exist.
I believe I have stated before that the United Nations should move from the east side of Manhattan to central Africa so the dedicated representatives can be somewhat closer to the action in Mali, Chad or Sudan than they are to the best tables at Le Bernardin (French, 51st between 6th & 7th) , Basilica (Italian, 47th & 9th), or Jean Georges (French, Trump Tower 1 Central Park West).
Anyway, Gaddafi began his speech by saying: "I congratulate our son the president, 'Obama,' … and commend him because he is the host country."
We'll put that business about Obama being the host country down to a translation error. Even his staunchest supporters agree there are about 307 million of us and he, while Obama may be first amongst equals, he isn't the whole country.
The bigger deal is the reference to Obama as "our son."
Back in the campaign when some local talk radio guy in Cincinnati kept talking about "Barack HUSSEIN Obama," Michelle Lavaughn Obama threw a fit because she said using Obama's middle name was designed to frighten people.
Then President Obama went to Egypt and told the audience that his middle name was Hussein.
Turns out Michelle was right. It scared the hell out of me.
For a while Muammar Gaddafi was playing nicely with the world. His change in attitude came about some time after Ronald Wilson Reagan dropped bombs on his head following the attack on Pan Am flight 103 which killed 270 people.
But a Muammar can't change his spots. When the Scots and the Brits let the only guy who was ever convicted in the Pan Am flight 103 murders, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, out of jail in return for an oil deal for British Petroleum, Gaddafi greeted the terrorist in Tripoli with a series of exuberant hugs and kisses which, after about seven minutes, made me just a bit uncomfortable, I don't mind telling you.
Gaddafi also called Obama a "young black Kenyan African" which Obama could have done without. That will start up a whole new round of people who believe Obama is not qualified to be President under the terms of Article II Section 1 of the Constitution which states: No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President.
This has been asked and answered a thousand times, but when someone with the international stature of Muammar Gaddafi says it, well … there you are.
In spite of the millions of dollars which were spent, and the thousands of hours wasted by the hundreds of reporters on hand, nothing much came out of the U.N. which has pretty much been the story of the U.N. for several decades.
Nevertheless, President Obama has a new best friend in Muammar Gadaffi. And, as that saying goes,
"No matter how good your position, there is always someone who agrees with you that you wish didn't."
Pretty good saying.
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