Ahmadinejad and Occupy Wall Street: Birds Of A Feather

Rabbi Aryeh Spero
By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | September 25, 2012 | 10:28 AM EDT

We should not be surprised about the planned meeting Iranian president Ahmadinejad has scheduled in New York City with members of the left wing Occupy Wall Street movement. The jihadists, to whom Ahmadinejad is joined, have shrewdly positioned themselves as part of the world wide, utopian leftwing struggle.

In saner times, the jihadi disdain for others, their war against women, Jews, Christians, and non-Islamic minorities, as well as their antipathy to free speech and liberty would have cast them as fascists and Nazi-like.

But in today’s world, causes gain politically by expounding fashionable leftist jargon and advocating a monolithic system ushering in a type of utopia – be it communism or shariah—regardless of its own human rights abuses.

The truth is the political left is no longer concerned with human rights.

Many on the left have facilitated radical Islam’s agenda, since they share, at this point, a common enemy: Americanism, capitalism, Israel, and the Judeo-Christian foundation of western civilization.

These meetings should not be waved away as insignificant and bound to go nowhere. We all remember how but a few years ago many in the West dismissed Ahmadinejad’s rise, yet here we are today with his hold over Iran absolute, dangerously close to manufacturing nuclear weapons, and no longer the outsider in the Arab world, but the primary henchman and consolidator over most of the newly radicalized Islamic governments.

The useful idiots on the hard-left are so invigorated in their hate for America, Israel, and capitalism they are utterly blind to the dangers of their collaboration. They are having too much fun upending “the system.” His association with the Left will give him lots of political mileage.

Occupy Wall Street serves another purpose for Ahmadinejad. His inexorable ambition and passion is to physically destroy the Jewish state, Israel. Beyond that is the rabid anti-Semitism promulgated throughout the jihadist and Arab world demonizing Jews and the Jewish religion. All students of history know that a sure-fire way of inciting the masses against Jews is to blame them for economic woes and cast them as “the rich.”

Indeed, the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement of last year reeked of this libel. To the extent that radical Islam can delegitimize Jews will they be able to convince the world there is no place in the community of nations for a Jewish state. The Islamic war against Israel has not only been a military one, but a successful political one due to its partnership with the political left.

The unconscionable delay of the last four years by President Obama to seriously stop the Iranians has given Ahmadinejad a world-wide, U.N. podium in which to brainwash the world. It has been an accelerated, most dangerous four years.

President Obama has characterized Israel’s passionate call to stop Iran as “outside noise.” But, Mr. Obama’s indifference and, worse, his reprimand of those wishing to put a stop to this global danger, has allowed Ahmadinejad four more years to, as news reports say, “meet with university students, artists, intellectuals and left wing elites” so as to isolate Israel, make his case against the west and America, and slowly induce converts to his cause.

Mr. Obama, the noise you so blithely dismiss is the noise of jihad marching closer and closer—under your watch.

Editor's Note: Rabbi Spero is president of Caucus for America and author of Push Back: Reclaiming our American Judeo-Christian Spirit.

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