'This Is What Happens In Banana Republics,' Limbaugh Says Of Obama's 'Rogue' Appointments

Patrick Burke
By Patrick Burke | January 5, 2012 | 5:35 PM EST

On Thursday’s show, Rush Limbaugh slammed President Obama for circumventing Senatorial approval for his appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and a consumer protection bureau:

“Obama has just said because the Congress won’t do what I want them to do, I’m going to do it myself. That is extra-constitutional. That is not the way this government was set up.”

After criticizing those in the media who portrayed Obama as looking out for the economy (rather than as exceeding his presidential authority), Limbaugh explained his view of the proper relationship between Congress and the president:

“If Congress refuses to act, it is his job to sit down and talk to them and make them act and get them to vote the way he wants…He doesn’t have the authority to run roughshod over them.”

“Folks, it is clearly lawless.”

Limbaugh called Obama’s actions that of “an out of control, rogue executive:”

“This is what happens in banana republics, tin horn dictatorships, places like Venezuela, this is what happens.”

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