Rush: First Lady's Menu Has Created 'Mafia' Selling 'Black Market' School Lunches

Patrick Burke
By Patrick Burke | December 21, 2011 | 10:44 AM EST

On Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh discussed the failed school lunch program designed to inflict healthful food on students - and its consequences in the Los Angeles Unified School District:

“Now the Los Angeles Unified School District, second largest in the country, it’s the largest to try the government-approved school lunch menu that was championed by Michelle Obama…the only problem is kids are refusing to eat the stuff.”

In an article earlier this week, the Los Angeles Times reported that plunging participation in the lunch program that offered healthier options for students.

Limbaugh criticized the L.A. Unified School District for the “black market” that has emerged in response to the new menu:

“…And just like everywhere else in the free market, if people can find a way around what’s dictated to them they will do it, and a black market ends up being created…There is a mafia, there is an organized crime of alternate food at lunch!”

School kids have been driven to buy "back-alley lunches" to get the food they crave, Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh challenged the purpose of the government-provided lunches if students are able to pay for lunch on the so-called “black market:”

“Weren’t we told that the students and their families were so financially disadvantaged, that there was so much financial struggle going on?”

[We were told] They couldn’t afford their own meals – and, yet, students seem to have plenty of money for a black market school lunch menu.”

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