Rush: Chelsea's A 'Statist In Training,' Not An Aspiring Journalist

Patrick Burke
By Patrick Burke | December 13, 2011 | 6:00 PM EST

Rush Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton a “statist in training” during Tuesday’s show.

Many in the media were critical of Clinton after she made her television debut on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams Monday night.

In part of a larger segment on the Chelsea Clinton television debut and the media’s reaction, Limbaugh said many critics were missing the big picture in that Clinton is a “statist in training” whose “…future as a statist will require her to be good on TV.”

Limbaugh flatly rejected the notion that Clinton is seeking a career in journalism. Instead, he suggested Clinton is learning how to become TV friendly when it will be time to pursue a political career in the future:

“This is not about Chelsea Clinton learning how to do news...she is dutifully learning the inner workings of television in order to learn how to manipulate it later.”

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