Rep. King: Newt's 'Extremely Talented, Extremely Articulate'...'He Would Be A Terrible Leader'

Patrick Burke
By Patrick Burke | December 23, 2011 | 10:38 AM EST

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) of New York pulled no punches last night on the Sean Hannity show when asked about Newt Gingrich:

“He’s extremely talented, extremely articulate. He would be a terrible leader. As speaker, he was undisciplined, he was erratic and after four years, he was forced out of office by his own people.”

The congressman and guest host Bernard McGuirk were discussing a range of issues that included Newt Gingrich’s ego and the problems he created as Speaker of the House:

“It was all about Newt, too often it was all about him he was extremely egotistical, and it just was a, again it was a nightmare at times.”

After a brief interjection by McGuirk, King said he understood Gingrich’s appeal but stood by his opinion that Newt would do more harm than good as President:

"[I]’m sure a lot of people listening to your show will say, God they really like Newt, they’re inspired by him, I understand that.”

“But when you see him from a distance, he’s a very inspirational leader,” Rep. King conceded, but, he went on to say that this positive image is an illusion:

“When you work with him day to day, you realize he’s not, and that’s ah, he did more to hurt the Republicans during the four years he was in office.”

King closed by saying he would support Gingrich if nominated but the GOP should choose another candidate:

“[I]f he’s the nominee of the party I’ll support him. I just think that it’s going to create unnecessary problems for the party and if he’s elected, unnecessary problems for the country.”

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