McCartney Models 'Eat No Turkey' T-Shirt For PETA Promo

Mike Ciandella
By Mike Ciandella | November 15, 2012 | 2:19 PM EST

Paul McCartney has a bone to pick with turkey eaters, so PETA's dressing up its website by stuffing him into an "Eat No Turkey" t-shirt.

PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, has no shortage of celebrity endorsers. Their most recent effort to convince people to eat a vegan Thanksgiving meal and say "no thanks" to turkey has the backing of legendary musician Paul McCartney.

He has teamed up with PETA to encourage people to "say 'no thanks' to turkey and 'yes' to a delicious, cruelty-free holiday meal," according to the PETA site. The real irony there is that they used the word "delicious" to start off a story encouraging people to replace turkey with tofu.

Paul McCartney Models PETA T-Shirt

According to PETA, "the 300 million turkeys raised and killed for their flesh each year have no federal legal protection." Instead of turkey, PETA suggests that those concerned about the plight of turkeys in American should try vegan Thanksgiving recipes instead, most of which seem to be infused with a "healthy" dose of tofu. Although the site implies McCartney himself will be eating a vegan Thanksgiving dinner this year, will he really?

Paul McCartney is British, while Thanksgiving, as celebrated in the U.S. with turkey dinners, is an American holiday. So it is curious that PETA chose him to lobby against turkey consumption this Thanksgiving.

Of course, no campaign would be complete without a t-shirt, so PETA encouraged people who want to "speak out for turkeys" to wear their "Eat No Turkey" t-shirts -- the same shirt McCartney models on the website.

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