No Gender Designation on Canadian Health Card of Baby Born to ‘Non-Binary Trans’ Parent

Melanie Arter
By Melanie Arter | July 5, 2017 | 11:28 AM EDT

(Screenshot of YouTube video)

In a possible “world first,” a baby in Canada who was born “outside the medical system” in British Columbia and did not receive a genital inspection was given a health card without a gender designation of male or female. Instead, the card lists “U” under gender, CNN reported.

Searyl Atli Doty was denied a birth certificate.

Searyl’s parent, Kori Doty, is non-binary trans.

"It is up to Searyl to decide how they identify, when they are old enough to develop their own gender identity," Doty said in the statement. "I am not going to foreclose their choices based on an arbitrary assignment of gender at birth based on an inspection of their genitals."

The group Gender Free I.D. Coalition, which is campaigning for an end to state-assigned gender in Canada.

The group believes the “U” on Searyl’s health card stands for “unspecified or unknown.”

"When I was born, doctors looked at my genitals and made assumptions about who I would be, and those assignments followed me and followed my identification throughout my life," Doty told CBC. "Those assumptions were incorrect, and I ended up having to do a lot of adjustments since then."

Doty has asked for a judicial review of the decision not to give Searyl a birth certificate.

Doty plans to argue that “requiring a gender marker” violates Searyl’s rights as a Canadian citizen “to life, liberty and security of the person.”