The Real Bully: Dan Savage by the Book

Lauren Thompson
By Lauren Thompson | May 11, 2012 | 12:21 PM EDT

Sex columnist and gay activist Dan Savage has made news lately publicly demeaning Christians and insulting high school students who didn’t want to hear him attack their religion.

It’s long been clear to anyone who cares to notice that the man behind the nation’s most high-profile anti-bullying campaign, “It Gets Better,” is one of the nastiest bullies around.

The proof is in his books.

His book collecting his “Savage Love” columns features Savage heartily encouraging his readers to engage in child molestation fantasies, bondage, drug use, affairs, three-ways, incestuous relationships and other perversions.

In his sex -advice column “Savage Love,” the anti-bullying crusader referred to heterosexuals as “breeders,” a derogatory gay pejorative for straight people, since they can procreate and gays cannot.

In “Skipping Towards Gomorrah” Savage compared traditional Christians to Islamic jihadis. “After September 11, reasonable Americans could no longer pretend that all men of faith were harmless do-gooders. The 19 hijackers were men of faith – they thought they were doing God’s work. Osama bin Laden is a man of faith.”

So all people of faith are the same, Savage suggests. Except, that in a Muslim Jihadist society, Savage’s gay lifestyle might end with authorities toppling a stone wall on him.

In America, Christian minister Tony Perkins publicly asked all Christians to pray for Savage. Savage’s response to Perkins’s plea? A vicious written assault on the Bible where he called the apostle Paul gay, ending with “F**k you too, Tony Perkins.”

In “The Kid,” Savage fantasized his adopted child’s fundamentalist Christian grandparents would “get so worked up, they both have strokes and die.”

Savage wrote in “It Gets Better” that we need to “create a world where no child, gay or straight, is bullied for being different.” But, he’s clearly unable to practice what he preaches, since in the same book he labeled Christians “hateful, divisive, and mean.”

It only gets better if you agree with Dan Savage.

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