If Immigration Laws Don't Apply, Then Which Laws Should Americans Respect?

Lars Larson
By Lars Larson | June 15, 2012 | 4:05 PM EDT

Pres. Obama today ordered that young illegal aliens not be deported and that they be granted work permits.

How many ways is this wrong?  America is a nation of laws where all are treated equally -  unless the administration chooses to waive the law for some.  Second, this country has millions of unemployed, and teenage unemployment is stratospheric.

If immigration laws don’t apply, then which laws should Americans have respect for?  Some of them…or none of them?

Obama calls them children, yet to qualify, you have to graduate from high school. With few exceptions, high school graduates are over the age of 18 - and they are adults.  They should be required to follow the law.

Many of them have enjoyed $100,000+ of K-12 education and would do just fine in their home countries while they wait to enter MY country legally.

The president says that these 800,000 will all have accurate background checks to show they haven’t committed crimes…but,  how?  The illegal aliens I end up talking about change names and Social Security numbers nearly as often as Americans change their underwear.

And how will you establish that the person came here before age 16?  They will all claim to have done so.

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