Feds Evict Nonprofit Museum In Order To Run - A MUSEUM (And Make Taxpayers Pay For It)

Lars Larson
By Lars Larson | February 6, 2013 | 2:54 PM EST

This is nuts.  The private, nonprofit Pearson Air Museum in Vancouver, Washington has reportedly been kicked out of its space at the airport by the U.S. National Park Service which plans to use the space to OPERATE A MUSEUM!

So, a place run on donations by a private sector, local, community organization will be replaced by federal employees, salaries paid by the taxpayers, and run by a faceless bureaucracy in Washington D.C.  Does that make sense to anyone?

The article quotes a news release saying the park service wants to take over and "operate the museum on the same schedule and on conclusion of the transition period, access to the museum will be provided to the public at no charge."

So, pretty much everything will stay the same - except that taxpayers will now be paying for it and the government will be running it.

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