City Gov't Must Pay $6.5 Million For 'Abuse Of Power,' Federal Jury Orders

Lars Larson
By Lars Larson | October 5, 2011 | 3:38 PM EDT

A jury has awarded $6.5 million to a developer who sued the government for “abuse of power."

Is this the relationship we now have with our government?

According to

“A federal jury has ordered the city of Forest Grove to pay a residential developer $6.5 million for "abuse of power" when it demanded expensive improvements in favor of neighboring landowners.”

“The lawsuit, filed in 2008, alleged that the city, project engineer Steve Wood and public works director Robert Foster retaliated against David Hill Development, LLC, after the company refused to change sewer line plans for its proposed subdivision, The Parks at Forest Grove.”

Who says, "You can't fight city hall?" But, then, why should you ever have to?