Tiananmen Square Activist Warns Of The Dangers Of A Gun-Free Society

Joe Schoffstall
By Joe Schoffstall | January 22, 2013 | 2:41 PM EST

Every so often, a powerful video will emerge out of nowhere that needs to be seen by as many people as possible. This is one of those videos.

Within this clip, a man who was once a Tiananmen Square activist-  and is now an American citizen - gives a rousing speech in support of the Second Amendment.

Dave Markowitz first posted the video and transcribed much of it. Here is a small sample of this naturalized American's inspiring speech:

"Twenty-three years ago, I was a college freshman exercising my freedom of speech and assembly in Tian'anmen Square, much like we are doing here today. We grew frustrated by the restriction of personal freedoms and the corrupted Chinese government, and we thought peaceful protest would make the country better. Our young passion and patriotism was crushed by hails of full metal jackets out of AK47's. We could not fight back, because we did not have an inch of iron in our hands, to borrow a Chinese expression: we were unarmed.

Gun owners like us often say: the Second Amendment is the protector against a tyrannical government. Some may argument that a man with a rifle is no match to the military machines of today, so such beliefs are no longer relevant. However, 20 million peaceful Beijing citizens in 1989, sure wished that they had a few million rifles in their hands!"

He continues by comparing the cost of gun violence with that of living in a gun-free society (emphasis added):

"Freedom is not free. Liberty has costs. We recognize that in this free society, criminals or mentally deranged could get weapons and murder the innocents. The answer, however, is not to disarm the law abiding citizens. Not only criminals and the deranged will violate the laws anyway, but more importantly, when a government turns criminal, when a government turns deranged, the body count will not be five, ten or twenty, but hundreds, like in Tian'anmen Square, or millions, counted in the 90-year history of the Chinese Communist Party."

Be sure to watch the full seven minute video. It's definitely worth it.