Bob Beckel: 'When Was The Last Time You've Heard About A Rape On Campus?'

Joe Schoffstall
By Joe Schoffstall | February 20, 2013 | 5:15 PM EST

Bob Beckel, a liberal member of "The Five" on Fox News, argued Tuesday that college students do not need guns for protection against rape.

During his back and forth with his fellow panel members, Beckel first posed the scenario of a group of drunk fraternity members returning to the dorm from a bar late at night.

Beckel went on to ask: "When was the last time you've heard about a rape on campus?"

The stunned panel members quickly fired back saying it's rampant and brought up the frequency of date rape - to which Beckel replied: "Are you going to take your gun out and shoot your date?"

Yes, he seriously said all of that.

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