Allen West Uses Social Media to Warn Wife's Stalkers To Back Off

Joe Schoffstall
By Joe Schoffstall | April 17, 2013 | 1:26 PM EDT

Allen West took to Twitter and Facebook to tell whoever is stalking his wife at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Board of Trustee meetings it would be wise to stop, because next time they'll have to face him.

"@AllenWest: To FAU students stalking my wife at Bd of Trustee mtgs, end it now. If u believe you can intimidate her, u are mistaken. Nxt time u face me," West tweeted at 11:41 AM.

West also posted an identical message on Facebook, saying it's not a threat, but a promise that they'll have to see "the side of him that you don't want to see."

"I completely understand the Alinsky tactics and have no issue with the insidious and incessant personal attacks by the left against me. However, I am warning you, end your harassment of my wife Angela. The students from Florida Atlantic University who have gone to my wife's office, stalked her at the FAU Board of Trustee meetings, and sent letters to her company headquarters, end it now. This is not a threat, it is a promise that if Angela calls and tells me of one more incident, you will face me, the side of me that you do not want to see," he wrote.

It continues, "My wife Angela is an American citizen and if you believe that you can intimidate her to surrender her freedoms you are mistaken. Those left wing groups and lawyers associated with these individuals supporting their antics, I recommend you disassociate yourself. How dare you animals attack my wife and her professional reputation. This is your one and only advisory notice."

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