May God Continue to Bless Michele Bachmann

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | May 30, 2013 | 12:01 PM EDT

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann announced this week that she won't seek reelection.

The United States owes a great debt of gratitude to Michele Bachmann.  She has risen above the hate-filled attacks she has received from the left, the duplicitous far-left media machine, and the self-aggrandized leadership of her own party, to stand, as a free and patriotic member of a short list of real American Statesmen.

In the fight against radical Islam, the erosion of our culture, the rights of the people, the understanding of our founding, and everything in between, Bachmann has shown herself to be an extraordinarily gifted and courageous conservative for this great Nation.

Ever mindful of the fact that it is the people of this nation who are in charge of DC, Bachmann has taken more than her share of grief for standing up for what is right.  And, it does not escape this writer that it is precisely because standing for what is right, that attracts all the hate.

In 2011, Bachmann took on Boehner and the boys during the initial CR battle, pointing to Istook's testimony, that voting for the CR would fund Obamacare, the opposite promise of which got them elected.  They not only ignored her, but internally sought to diminish that truth by casting aspersions on her possible run for president.

Doing what is right is difficult with today's vengeance vigilantes of the modern consultant class.

Bachmann has consistently been the key example of what the nation wants its GOP to do.  Be courageous, go after the left, expose the falseness of their rhetoric, explain why everyday people should be alarmed at this rate of spending, this size of debt, this ever-suffocating obese government in the hands of those who simply take your liberties for "your own good."  Loudly and forthrightly opposing this "fundamental change" from Washington DC is what the people yearn for.

The mother of five, and foster parent to 23, exemplifies what is good, right and true about America and Americans.  Throughout her Congressional career, Bachmann has spoken truth to power, and realized that her tenure in the body of Congress as the one that is most closely representative of the people, must hesitate in thanking God and doing His work.  Contrary to politically correct spokesmen, God is great, and he does exist.

For, if not for the understanding of God in our lives, we would be indifferent to those who seek to rule us.  Bachmann understands the power of God, and shares that respect with millions of Americans who are less able to influence the body politic.  Her contribution to this nation includes an unalterable, unshakeable faith in the goodness of the people, to be ruled by no man, but answerable to a Higher Power.

She is beautiful inside and out.

Part of her great work lately is that of rallying the people.  As a tea party darling, Bachmann's speeches and turn of phrase feed the thousands of voiceless patriots in this nation because she understands what too many politicians do not, or will not.

She understands that everywhere in this great country of ours, in little towns, villages, rural areas, big cities, and suburbs live people who have actual sense in their heads. They are the people who have worked tirelessly to bring themselves better representation in DC. We, not DC, make this beautiful country work. We are patriotic, open-minded, pragmatic, sensible people, who know the great dangers this country is facing.  The people who are tea party minded, know the true peril the country is in.

The people versus the establishment is a colossal clash of epic proportions, and it is dangerous to get in the mix, but Bachmann has sacrificed her good name to be dragged about by the lowest of political slime, to shine a light on the deeds of DC.

Nothing is feared more in DC than a Republican woman with the guts to do what she says she'll do.  They have denounced her, trashed her, threatened to take away her committee seat, worked against her re-election, leaked opinions about her in the beltway to widely-read websites and masked the opinions as straight news, and all of that in less than a year, for what?  To silence her?

I think that's a bad bet.

It is my sincere hope that Mrs. Bachmann continues to fight, and fight hard in these final months of her Congressional career, and then, it would be almost a necessary and dutiful labor to write a book detailing exactly what you get when you stand, as Buckley said, "athwart history yelling, 'Stop!'"

Future Statesmen of these United States of America will yearn for the strength drawn from the experience of the candid and outspoken patriot from Minnesota.

The lady with the titanium spine has shown us her love of this beautiful country and the continuous fight for freedom.

May God continue to bless this fine lady, and reinforce her extraordinary strength.