'Draconian' Abortion Law Or Anti-Life Media Spin?

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | July 10, 2013 | 1:34 PM EDT

You've heard of draconian spending cuts and draconian tax laws, but the AP's Chris Tomlinson has penned a story about the Texas abortion laws being "draconian."

This is stupid; it hurts.

But, it is not just how stupid and twisted the AP's reporting has become, it is the dereliction of duty on reporting rather than editorializing that has sunk the art of journalism to the depths it finds itself in.

The Texas effective banning of all abortion past 20 weeks is being done through a democratic and representative republic process, part of which featured a successful filibuster.  Its entire focus is on avoiding a Gosnell situation in Texas, elevating the filthy clinics to hospital and emergency ambulatory standards, yet the pro-aborts are fighting tooth-and-nail to keep filthy substandard treatment.

The argument of the use of hangers and back alleys is replaced with access to legal disease-filled hole-in-the-wall dungeonesque filth and decay.  If anything is draconian, it is the death penalty for the unborn for existing and fighting for life within his mother's soon-to-be barren womb.

Draco was an Athenian scribe, who wrote laws that punished small crimes with massive penalties, many including death and slavery.  Yet this putrid media phony Tomlinson suggests that cleaning up and stopping the murder of innocents is akin to Draco's laws?

A draconian abortion law would sentence abortionists to death and exile the woman for manslaughter.  It is at that fevered pitch that pro-aborts wish to lash pro-lifers.  Yet, what is truly happening is a nation divided over the respect for one another, love and the right to life.  Life means nothing to those who consider it their right to hire someone to rip apart a child and crush his head, all so they can go out and do it over and over, proclaiming an inherent right that was NEVER given.

The grainy video of an abortion in the epic film, The Silent Scream, shows that a baby at 12 weeks tries to move away from the sucking of the powerful vacuum introduced into the womb, in an attempt to defend herself against something that wishes to harm her.  These unborn babies have heartbeats and feel pain, and their very last action is to try to stay alive.

How can this nation allow these forces of evil in politics and media to rule our clarity on the subject?

The argument in today's political landscape is outdated and unfocused.  We are no longer talking about incest and rape and life of the mother.  We are talking about repeated intentional murder of children of primarily minority women, with the pro-choice movement turning to mob mentality when a simple suggestion of setting standards is entered into the discussion.

Meanwhile, the left has created the myth that women have a right to kill their own child, and pro-choicers pacify their own egos by proclaiming a right to do what they will with their own bodies.  Breaking down and focusing the argument must include the fact that they have therefore established that they have the right to murder themselves, not their children, who are different people.

Those who are pro-life activists stress the necessity of passing Personhood statutes.  Getting a Personhood argument to the Supreme Court would be one way of attacking the unconstitutionality of the Roe V. Wade decision, but the culture must be turned away from the acceptance of abortion as a means of birth control, first.

A majority of women of a certain age are almost hard-wired to promote abortion for any reason.  And reason is not ever entered into the discussion.  A right has been established in their minds, and any standards-driven reform is treated as a personal attack on women's role in the world. We must counter with a consistent clarifying message and never forget the fact that we are talking about innocent defenseless children being murdered in an ongoing holocaust right here in this nation and blessed by the Democrat party from the President on down.

We haven't an unbiased media.  Instead, we have a sick, self-abusive system of corrupt anti-humans who do not have the ability to know right from wrong, and who use their soulless days to force the rest of us to accept their evil.

We are a nation whose soul is blackened by petulant abusers of liberty.  Only decent, honest people who know right from wrong can lift it from the ashes, working in unison, to dispel the current wave of anti-human pigs who are invested in hedonism and the false promises of empty lives.

We must speak out; we must stand for life, and teach about the goodness of life, and the responsibilities of adulthood, because nobody is learning anything from reading news sources like the AP.