Democrats are Telling Us What to Do about Benghazi if We Would Just Listen

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | May 10, 2013 | 4:21 PM EDT

The question is, with near total resistance to anything said by a Republican, how does the truth of Benghazi get through to members of Obama's and Clinton's own party?

By stating the truth.

What? Americans were killed in a horrible attack. Where? On our makeshift consulate in Libya.  Who? Our Libyan Ambassador, a non-military support person, and two former Marines. When? On the eleventh anniversary of 911. How? By terrorists linked with al Qaeda. Why?

It used to be that when Americans were killed, the American people would want to know why.  Yet this simple question elicits confounding response from both party's political leadership, why? Because something that is not political has become nothing but politics because of how the event was dealt with by the top-most leadership in our nation.

Our American heritage permits us to forgive transgression if we feel that everything has been dealt with in an open and honest manner, and everything that could have been done to stop terrible things from happening was pursued.

But, time and time again, during the hearings this week, evidence surfaced that confirmed that everything that could have been done was not done, and warnings of what might happen did happen, when those warnings were ignored, or worse, allowed to happen.

The Democrats should be ashamed and never forgiven.

Could our Nation be so politically divided that the murder of these four men will be chalked up to Republican ineptitude in revealing why this issue is important to our nation?  Or, that the Obama administration, caught blatantly misspeaking for political expedience, did not really do anything wrong?

The Democrats are giving the Republicans their way to get the truth out by telling them what not to do.

The signal is telegraphed by an ostentatious display of screaming partisanship, when there is none.  It is a false accusation outright.  Why we continue to insist it is not partisan to want to know the truth in the face of a blatant attack on our reputation, I'll never know.  So, in order to break down the indifference of the American people, the Republicans need to drop all pretense of non-partisanship, and drive home the fact that death and murder has come to be from allowing Democrats to control our foreign policy during an election year.

We are all at risk.

The reaction of most Republican operatives to that suggestion would surely be that it must be ignored at all cost.  But who cares about them, they haven't had a winning track record, precisely because they heed the warnings spoon-fed them by Democrats.

Republicans need to pound away, ignore the noise, argue back, and get indignant about how our fallen have been treated.  They need to stop cowing to political warnings from the other side.  They need to overtly treat these four fallen as their own child, their own flesh and blood, refuse to take up another issue until they get to the bottom of what the hell Obama was doing while we were under attack and taking casualties.

They need to take every political argument away from the Democrats by throwing their failures in their faces, treating every one of them as if they were Obama shooting hoops or sleeping while our men were dying.  They need to accuse, rightly so, all Democrats of doing what Obama did the following day, fundraising in posh neighborhoods while treating their own people like nothings.  They need to reiterate, until they are a broken record, what the topmost leadership in our nation did to these four men.

The Obama administration is counting on the indifference of most of the American people, and the only way to break through that strategy is to be very loud, indignant, and refuse to back down, refuse to shut up.

You're damn right this is partisan, regardless of who started treating it that way, and there is a lot to see here.

Obama allowed Chris Stevens to die and called him a bump in the road.

Start there.

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