Update: 420 Sheriffs Now Say They Won't Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws

Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.
By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. | April 17, 2013 | 4:21 PM EDT

The number of sheriffs across the nation that have publicly stated they will not enforce gun laws they believe are unconstitutional has jumped to 420.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) maintains a running tally of all the sheriffs across the nation that have joined together to defend the Constitution.

The website states:

"The following sheriffs...have vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution against Obama's unconstitutional gun control measures.  We applaud these public servants for their courage and conviction."

Last month, "Right Views" reported that the number of sheriffs had increased to 340.  In just 30 days, 80 more sheriffs have signed on.

The Senate votes this afternoon on gun control measures, including "The Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act," a bipartisan bill introduced by Sens. Toomey and Manchin.

The bill is expected to be defeated.

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