Town Council Puts 45 Day Moratorium On Business Licenses For Companies That Sell Guns

Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.
By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. | March 7, 2013 | 3:25 PM EST

The Los Gatos, California, town council has unanimously approved a forty-five day moratorium on granting business licenses to companies that sell guns until a permanent ordinance on the sale of firearms is discussed and/or implemented.

The Los Gatos Council Agenda Report outlines the details of the moratorium and provides this justification:

"A temporary moratorium will prevent new commercial operations engaged in the sale of firearms, ammunition, and/or explosive devices from locating in the Town until land use related procedures and regulations are considered and adopted. Without an immediate moratorium in place, a new firearms dealer could obtain a Town business license within a matter of days which occurred previously with Templar Sports."

According to KLIV, the controversy began when Templar Sports opened in the town in December.  Citizens protested, claiming they were not given enough public notice before the store was issued a business license.

A public meeting is scheduled for April 15, at which time the town council can extend the moratorium for up to 10 months and 15 days.

The Los Gatos Patch reports:

"The prohibition came through the adoption of an urgency ordinance that will give town staff time to research, study and return to the Council a potential town ordinance to designate which land-use zones may be appropriate for such sales in the future, including consideration of appropriate proximity limits from schools, parks and selected establishments."

"The Right Views" contacted the Assistant Town Manager of Los Gatos, Pamela Jacobs, who confirmed the 45-day moratorium.

Ms. Jacobs told "The Right Views" that the moratorium does not affect existing businesses in Los Gatos, but for the forty-five day period, no new establishments will be given business licenses if they plan on selling firearms.

The moratorium, she said, gives the town council time to look at any new regulations regarding the locations of new businesses that wish to sell firearms.

She also confirmed that the moratorium was implemented after citizens of Los Gatos voiced concerns about Templar Sports.

The Templar Sports website says it is the "Bay Area's premier sports shop that specializes in firearms and fishing sales and service."

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