SC Senator Introduces Bill To Create High School Gun Class

Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.
By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. | January 26, 2013 | 4:13 PM EST

South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright has introduced a bill that would create a gun-safety shooting class for high school students.

The "South Carolina Gun Safety Program" would teach students about the history of the Second Amendment and how to properly use a firearm.

It would be offered as a one-semester elective course, and would take place at an off-campus shooting range.

Sen. Bright told WSPA:

"We've got football, we've got basketball, and we've got baseball.  I think if they had a hunting team, it would be a great idea."

The idea has been well received by some parents.  Teddy Lamm, a member of a local shooting range believes students should learn about gun safety to prevent tragedies.

"I would definitely let my children take it," says Lamm.  "In this day in age, it's almost a necessity."

Other parents strongly oppose the bill, but Sen. Bright explains that he's simply offering the "option," and that it would be up to each school district to add the course if they so choose.

"The more training we can get on the history of our nation, the founding of our nation, the better," Bright says.

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