Rush: Obama ‘Motivated By Anger,’ Not 'Benevolence' Or 'Altruism'

January 13, 2012 - 11:43 AM

Rush Limbaugh said on Thursday's show that President Obama is “motivated by anger” and self-interest - not altruism or benevolence.

“I can’t get my arms around the fact that there are people born in this country who hate it…And, I know they are the people who taught Obama.”

“I know that he thinks this is an unjust country, that it was immoral in its founding…this 1% versus 99% stuff, that’s how he thinks this country was founded and that the 1% has maintained themselves in total control of all the wealth since the days of it founding.”

“He thinks the only remedy for it is to take everything the 1% has and give it away to everybody else. “

“Now, the ulterior motives to that are entrenching his own power.”

“I don’t there’s benevolence in this, in other words I don’t think Obama runs around feeling genuinely sorry for the 99%. I don’t think he’s motivated by altruism, I think he’s motivated by anger.”

Editor's Note: Patrick Burke contributed to this blog.

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