Levin To Obama: ‘You Don’t Give A Damn About Business Owners’

January 16, 2012 - 2:09 PM

On Friday’s show, Mark Levin said that President Obama is power hungry and “doesn’t give a damn about business owners.”

Discussing President Obama’s claim he will begin streamlining government agencies to make the system more efficient and helpful for small businesses, Levin said:

“You’re not a business owner, you’ve never been a business owner, you don’t give a damn about business owners and we know what your ideology is; we’ve had three years of your crap: You’re power hungry.”

“You look at the Red Chinese system - you’ve all but said so - and you slobber over it.  You wish you could have a system of that sort so you could get your quote-unquote things done for the people.”

“The entire purpose of the Constitution was to prevent a man like this from doing what he wants to do,” Levin said.

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