Levin On Alec Baldwin Run: SNL 'Could Be The New Farm Team' For Senate Dems

Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.
By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. | April 18, 2012 | 1:44 PM EDT

On his show last night, Mark Levin said that a lot of Democrats in the Senate would fit in on Saturday Night Live.  He also referred to Alec Baldwin, who yesterday said he is interested in running for office, as “one big A-hole.”

“By the way I see Mr. Producer, Alec Baldwin wants to run for some office, is that correct?  He should be running from the Attorney General, not running for anything, don’t you agree with me?”

“And there he is – one big A-hole.  But, he wants to run for office because Lord knows one Al Franken in the Senate is not enough, no.  We need another goofball.  We’re going to have the whole Saturday Night Live cast in the U.S. Senate…but, why not?  Fit in perfectly, don’t you think?”

Levin said that Democrat House and Senate members can rotate between terms in office and roles on SNL:

“In fact, a lot of the Democrats in the Senate would fit in on Saturday Night Live, don’t you think Mr. Producer?  Little Dick Durbin-he’s pretty funny.  Oh yeah, there’s Schumer; he could be on Saturday Night Live, playing himself-that’s pretty funny.”

“[I] can see this happening, they move in and out of Saturday Night Live.  You’re on the Saturday Night Live cast, you can be a Democrat member of the House or the Senate; you’re a Democrat member of the House or the Senate, when you’re done you move back to Saturday Night Live.  That could be the new farm team!”

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