Inmate Freed At 11AM Due To Budget Cuts Arrested For Bank Robbery - And Back In Jail In Time For Lunch

Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.
By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. | November 30, 2012 | 4:31 PM EST

Christopher Franklin Weaver, one of 32 inmates released from Lane County Jail in Oregon as part of a budget-balancing plan, was let go at 11:00am local time and arrested 55 minutes later on a federal bank robbery charge.

According to the RegisterGuard, Weaver walked about a mile after being released, robbed a bank, was arrested and promptly returned to the county lockup - all in less than an hour's time!

Sheriff Tom Turner announced last month that he needed to close 35 jail beds because federal demand for reserved space in the facility had decreased unexpectedly in recent months.  Thursday's bed closure marks the second time this year the county has reduced jail space in order to balance the budget.

To accommodate the budget cuts, dozens of inmates have been released each week in order to make room for those who pose a greater threat to the community, reports the Register Guard.

Jail commander Greg Fox said, "As we get smaller, the people we release get more dangerous."

The 32 inmates released on Thursday have been accused of various crimes ranging from first-degree assault and second-degree assault to first-degree sexual abuse.  Three of the inmates freed Thursday are accused of Measure 11 offenses that will result in mandatory prison sentences if they are ultimately convicted.

After his release, Christopher Weaver allegedly presented a demand note to a teller before fleeing with an un­disclosed amount of cash.  He was arrested at 11:55am by local officers and handed over to FBI officials who returned him to Lane County Jail.

Lane County sheriff's Sgt. Carrie Carver said, "This isn't necessarily a worst-case scenario, but it's a very bad case."

It does beg the question though: How could this have been worse?  I guess Weaver could have killed someone.

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