‘Occupy’ Protester: Wall Street Money 'Needs To Be Put In Better Places Than Their Pockets’

Grant M. Dahl
By Grant M. Dahl | October 3, 2011 | 6:10 PM EDT

This afternoon, talk show host Sean Hannity interviewed a student participating in the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests about the changes she was demanding - and informed her that her philosophy was Marxist.

“So what we ought to do then is every single person, whatever job they have, we ought to take all their money, put it in a big hat and distribute it all equally?” asked Hannity -  to which the protester replied, “Yes”

“The money (Wall Street personnel) are making needs to be put in better places then their pockets” added the protester.

Hannity then asked, “To every American based on their needs, from every American based on their ability to contribute?” “Yes,” the student agreed.

Hannity then revealed that this belief is the foundation of Marxism:

Hannity: “You know who said that?”

Student: “No.”

Hannity: “Karl Marx, you’re a Marxist."