Limbaugh: 'Why Isn't $6 Trillion a Year Enough to Fix Potholes?'

Grant M. Dahl
By Grant M. Dahl | September 29, 2011 | 10:01 AM EDT

When a caller on his Tuesday show claimed that the federal government needs more money for infrastructure repairs, conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh responded that the government already takes in enough money to fix roads and bridges using “diamonds and platinum.”

“The Federal Government already collects nearly 3 trillion dollars a year from us and they spend a trillion and a half more than that. State and local governments collect another 3 trillion dollars a year from us. This is a grand total of six trillion dollars in taxes per year,” Limbaugh said.

With this much tax revenue, Limbaugh concluded, the government can afford to make the nation’s infrastructure luxurious:

“Why isn’t six trillion dollars a year enough to fix potholes and bridges and the sort?! We ought to be able to fill ‘em up with diamonds and platinum for that money! When you look at the property tax that has to be collected per city block in New York, the roads ought to be paved with gold! Every school ought to be a palace!”

Limbaugh then went on to wonder why the nation’s infrastructure is even in disrepair in the first place:

“Why haven’t there been any repairs, it’s not for lack of money! The money is being spent to buy votes! The money is being spent to create dependency! The money is being spent robbing Americans of their humanity and their dignity by making them wards of the state!”

Limbaugh said that a large portion of the taxes collected by federal, state and local governments is being misused – and, that this waste is nothing new:

“This has been going on for fifty years or more. We don’t have a shortage of finances in this country. We don’t have a shortage of revenue. We got a spending problem up the wazoo, And, the spending that is taking place, in the large measure or majority portion of it, is being wasted. It’s being spent to destroy the lives of people!”