Dishonesty Of Pro-Choice Movement More Obvious To Young People Than To Old Media

Father Shenan J. Boquet
By Father Shenan J. Boquet | May 23, 2012 | 1:19 PM EDT

A newly released Gallup poll shows that only 41% of Americans now identify themselves as "pro-choice," a record low. A look back at the history of these polls shows at least two things: they are notoriously fickle, often seeming to show a reaction against the party in power; but there is also a general trend in the pro-life direction, which Gallup acknowledges. So, while we in no way base our pro-life convictions on polls, it is encouraging to see this general trend.

And this trend is supported by other objective evidence of a changing of America's heart on the issue of abortion. Nancy Keenan, the president of NARAL, is stepping down in the face of the fact that pro-lifers are young, energetic and armed with the truth about the horrors of abortion, while she and her sterile colleagues are, not surprisingly, not appealing to young people with their ever-more-obvious deceptions and thinly veiled contempt for children. That just isn't a winning message long-term.

The radical selfishness and dishonesty of the "pro-choice" movement is more obvious to young people than it is to the aging generation of media executives, editors and reporters, who have for decades equated women's rights with a barbaric practice that leaves women harmed emotionally, and often physically.

More and more doctors are refusing to take part in the destructive and soul-sucking work of abortion, which is forcing the still very powerful, well-funded and politically connected pro-abortion elite to look for ways to keep abortion accessible.

Likewise, the legal battle for the right to life is trending in the pro-life direction, and the “pro-choice” abortion lobby is struggling to keep up. More and more abortion clinics are closing as they are held accountable to the same health standards as real healthcare providers, and the cover of darkness that had obscured their disdain for the women they serve is becoming clear.

Abortion never was pro-woman, and more young women realize that now. I expect that the Gallup polls will continue to wax and wane as far as public perceptions, but there is no reversing the pro-life trend, and the pro-life movement that is increasingly led by young women in collaboration with those who always knew the harm caused by abortion.

This trend will not reverse.

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