Rush: Saying 'Corporation' To Liberals Is Like 'Showing Dracula The Cross'

David James
By David James | June 25, 2012 | 1:43 PM EDT

Today, radio host Rush Limbaugh declared that saying the word “corporation” to liberals is the “equivalent of showing Dracula the cross.”

Limbaugh was discussing today’s American Tradition Partnership, Inc. v. Bullock Supreme Court decision, which upheld the 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court case on campaign finance law.

Rush said, ‘The courts’ conservative justices- it says here- said that the decision in the Citizens United case in 2010 applies to state campaign finance laws, and guarantees corporate and labor union interests the right to spend freely to advocate for or against candidates. So, super PACs were upheld. And, now, including at the state level.”

“This has sent the libs into a tizzy, because the unions have been able to spend endlessly for any candidate, any issue or what have you. But, you say the word 'corporation' to liberals, and you are doing the equivalent of showing Dracula the cross,” Limbaugh said.

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