Limbaugh: Obamacare 'Largest Tax Increase In The History Of The World'

David James
By David James | June 28, 2012 | 1:40 PM EDT

Today, radio host Rush Limbaugh said Obamacare is the “largest tax increase in the history of the world.”

Limbaugh was discussing today’s Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare:

“So Obamacare is nothing more than the largest tax increase in the history of the world. And the people who were characterizing it as such were right and were telling the truth. We have the biggest tax increase in the history of the world right in the middle of this country’s worst recessions. In fact, as the Vice President said yesterday ‘a depression for millions of Americans.’

“The Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Roberts, said ‘it’s not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices. Not our job.’ Well what about when we are deceived? The court upheld a law that was not what we were told it would be.

“What has been upheld is fraud. And the Internal Revenue Service has just become Barack Obama’s domestic army.”

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